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" The Big Box of Feelings is working amazingly. So much curiosity and conversations around matching their feelings inside to an object or emotion. The children abslutely love it " - Teacher, St Mary's Primary School, Witney.

" I have worked with M for 2 months now and have never seen her so animated, talkative ... and happy ! Just exploring and handling the objects is a calming and therapeutic experience for her " Ms Smith - Stonesfield School.

How are you feeling today ? Bouncy ? Prickly ? Angry ? About to snap ?! ...

💙Science tells us that by simply saying how we feel can reduce our stress levels by up to 50%

( 'Name it to Tame it' theory - Daniel Siegal, Clinical Professor)

🤍 My Big Box of Feelings is the perfect resource for bringing the abstract concept of feelings and emotions to life !

💚Teaches how physical sensations are linked to an emotion or need ( highlighting our interoceptive sense)

💙Contains over 20 carefully selected, multi-sensory objects to represent what feelings or emotions may look or feel like

🤍 A unique, engaging and effective tool for understanding, exploring, expressing and namimg our feelings, needs and emotions.

💚Fabulous communication tool

💙Builds emotional awareness, intelligence and vocabulary skills

🤍 Comes complete with photocopiable Lesson Plan, Information Sheet and Feelings Wheel

💚Thoughtfully created by experienced teacher

💙Registered with the Patent Office No; 6282264


My Big Box of Feelings

  • Adult supervision required due to small parts. Not suitable for under 3's.

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