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" A Cup of Calm is a practical, straightforward and ingenious product to start conversations and provide potential solutions for what can often be a hidden and difficult subject "

Dominic Hare, CEO Blenheim Palace​

Reviews and Feedback ...

" Brilliant and much-needed tools that encourage curiosity and communication about our feelings - something that can change the course of a life "

J.Pool - Psychotherapist. 

" The Classroom Wellbeing Kits will help children to discuss, identify and manage their emotions - and we cannot wait to get started with it "  

Teacher - Stonesfield School.

" These resources allow us to deliver rich and effective lessons, and will do more good than you ever imagine. Invaluable."

Teaching Assistant - Long Hanborough School.

" Incredible ! Absolute Genuis ! Every child I used Connect More with communicated in such an articulate and emotionally literate way. Mitch's  resources will have SUCH an impact on teachers and children. "

Jen Foster - 'goodmorningmsfoster'  Influential Teacher and Author with 95k Instagram followers.

" We used Mitch's resources with a little boy who has barely spoken 2 words to us this term - It was incredible how much he opened up and shared with us. Amazing !" 

Teacher - North Leigh School

" I have used The Feelings 1st Aid Kit with several children - the conversations have been magical. The quieter children really came alive and animated. Amazing for connection."

Teacher - Batts School. 

" My Cup of Calm helped me to find out what I could do when I was scared of my teddies staring at me. I talked to my mummy about it and felt much better "
B. Aged 5 yrs.


" My Cup of Calm helps to stop my head spinning "
H. Aged 8yrs


" I have just discovered Cups of Calm and More and I am blown away by the impact it will make on so many "
Instagram Follower


" I absolutely LOVE this idea. We have a Cup of Calm and use it every day. A simple tool that brings strategies to life.
A truly thoughtful gift, especially in these challenging times when protecting our mental health is more important than ever !" 
- Mandy. Mum and Yoga teacher

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