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Connect More with your family and friends !

" Incredible ! Genuis ! Every child I used Connect More with communicated in such an articulate and emotionally literate way ! Mitch's resources will have SUCH an impact on teachers and children. " Jen Foster @goodmorningmsfoster - Instagram influencer, teacher and author with 103k followers

" We used Connect More with a very withdrawn child who had barely spoke 2 words with us since he started with us. We paired him up with a chatty child ... and the result was absolutely incredible. He opened up in a way we could never have anticipated. Amazing !" Teacher - North Leigh School.

💙A clever twist on the original 4-in-a-row-game

❤️42 wonderful ice-breakers, discussion prompts and conversation starters

💙 Discover fun facts and deeper thoughts and feelings

❤️Super activity for building quality connections and positive interactions 

💙Great for building trust, self-confidence and esteem

❤️Encourages curiosity, reflection and discussion around our thoughts and feelings

💙Builds emotional awareness, intelligence and literacy skills

❤️Encourages communication, empathy, listening and turn-taking skills

💙Wonderfully visual, tactile and engaging communication resource

❤️ Fabulously play-based and discreet bond-building activity

💙Lesson plan included

🤍Connect More - because all of your thoughts and feelings are valued ! 🤍

                            Registered with the Patent Office No; 6282268


Connect More !

  • for ages 4 and above.

    Adult supervision required due to small parts.

    Please retain box for reference

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