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" My 15 year old has her Little Bag of Calm on her Bedside Table and told me she loves them !" - Valued customer


💚 A smaller version of The Cup of Calm - A little Jute bag containing 15 wonderfully tactile engraved sticks.

💚Each stick contains comforting and effective advice, messages and mantras to help manage big emotions and restore calm.

💙Unique, visually engaging and tactile design

🤍Science and evidence-backed strategies and tips 

💚Small, manageable and memorable chunks of information

💙Powerful communication aid

🤍Rich in emotional awareness, self-care, regulation and literacy skills

💚Portable, versatile and washable !

💙Award winning and patented design

🤍Ideal for homes, schools, uni and the workplace

💚Also included is a little mini guide to using your Little Bag of Calm.


Suggestions for use ;

* Pop in lunch boxes or pencil cases as little reminders on tricky days

* Perfect to leave on a bedside table, desk, mirror, the fridge, front door, or car dashboard.

* Use as a bookmark or reading guide

* Hide as treasures in tuff trays, sand or playdough activities

* Make toffee apples with them !

* Add marshmallows and dip in a hot chocolate ( for a full sensory experience !)

* Use at bedtime, dinner time, circle time, PSHE lessons, interventions, calm corners or nurture groups. 

A Little Bag of Calm - Green set

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