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" Such a beautiful and clever puzzle. Puzzles are such mindful activities and this one leaves you with the added bonus of some wonderful tips to help regulate tricky feelings " Susie Robbins, Behaviour Expert from Resolve To Play.

❤️'When things fall apart or you're feeling blue ... use Rainbow Thoughts to help you through'

🧡A beautiful 63 piece puzzle using the symbols of weather and rainbows to work through tricky feelings and restore calm.

💛A wonderfully therapeutic and mindful activity to take your mind off your worries while offering some effective and proven coping strategies and affirmations

💚Tactile, visual, engaging and comforting

💙Encourages a growth mindset with positive thoughts and coping skills

💜Perfect for a calm corner at home or school


🤍 Registered with the Patent Office No; 6282266



Rainbow Thoughts Jigsaw

  • For ages 3 and above.

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