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" The Emotional Toolkit is phenomenal ! I fell in love with it when I saw it at Jen Foster's book launch, I absolutely LOVE it and cannot wait to use it with my young people. Turns the abstract concept of 'Use your emotional toolkit' into a really tangible, meaningful experience. It's been invaluable. " Channon Gray - Teacher and qualified NHS EMHP 

All the tools you need to work on big emotions !

🔧 A delightful set of wooden tools engraved with proven tips and strategies for working on big emotions.

🔧A unique resource symbolising how we can literally use our 'emotional toolkit' for self-care and regulation skills

🔧Manageable and memorable information

🔧Wonderfully engaging, hands-on, tactile and visual resource

Building strong foundations for ;

🧰Emotional awareness and vocabulary

🧰Communicating feelings and needs

🧰Restoring calm

🧰Handling life's obstacles and challenges


🔨 Thoughtfully designed by experienced teacher

🔨 Lesson plan and guidance included

🔨Registered with the Patent Office No; 6263622

My Emotional Toolkit

  • For ages 4 and above.

    Adult supervision required due to small parts.

    Retain box for reference.

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