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So what makes the sticks so unique and effective ?…

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

🤍 Well firstly, my Cup of Calm and its engraved sticks are registered with the Intellectual Property Office ~ so it genuinely is a unique concept ~ there’s nothing else like it on the market !

🤍On top of that the sticks (and many of my ideas and resources) are multi-sensory which is the key detail in their effectiveness.

From my many years as a teacher, I know that the more our senses are being stimulated and engaged in handling ‘concrete’ 3D information when learning something new (rather than being instructed or fed the information) … the more we will absorb and remember the new information. Which is EXACTLY why I was so passionate about the sticks being engraved…

🤍 While talking and reading are brilliant and vital components of our learning ~ they can take a LOT of time, energy, concentration and discipline to digest the barrage of words.

And these words (because either invisible or only 2D) can very easily disappear once heard or read, making it much harder to transfer into everyday life and situations.

BUT if we can see, hear, handle AND FEEL the information ~ the message is far more likely to be absorbed, retained and remembered.

(And If you’re really creative with your lollipop sticks sometimes the advice can almost be tasted ! See my blogs on How To Use ! )

🤍 A good example would be if I were teaching you to plant up a colourful border in your garden (one of my other passions ! 🌺) ~ but all I did was sit beside you and talk to you about it or read information from a book. Hmm 🤔

But what if you were beside me in the garden, handling and smelling the plants and tools that I was talking about , letting you experiment, handle, feel, smell and practice the methods and techniques ? MUCH more engaging and memorable right ?!

🤍 It’s exactly why I am SO passionate about using sensory resources.

🤍 Another huge advantage about the lolly sticks is the simple, straightforward yet captivating design ~ the  information has been consolidated into 30 small, manageable, clear and concise chunks of information. This prevents information overload, and ensures that remembering and transferring the advice into everyday life so much more do-able.

🤍 The sticks are portable, washable, and versatile reminders ~ so that we can quickly and easily see and implement them in various situations and settings as discreet reminders, comforting messages, mantras and guidance in times of need ~ unique and effective !

🤍 Last, but not least, you won’t find any sweeping statements on the sticks ~ all of the advice and strategies have been extensively researched, reviewed, tried and tested by myself, or repeatedly recommended from professional and reputable sources.

🤍 I have cherry-picked what I feel to be the best, most effective and reliable information that will (with practice and self- belief) embed lifelong skills to help you through life’s ups and downs.

🤍 One stick at a time !

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