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My Emotional Cup !

My Emotional Cup is a wonderful activity for home, school or the workplace for tuning into our emotional needs.

It really is a rich and effective learning tool for many reasons ;

💚 It’s a fantastic visual analogy to show what’s happening inside our bodies and brains at times of overwhelm

💚 It teaches us to be curious and aware of our emotions and pinpoint what triggers them

💚 It highlights that there is always a reason for behaviour and also that there are always things we can do to manage our way through.

💚 It gives us the opportunity to explore and practice positive coping techniques in times of need

💚 It equips us with the self-care skills that we need to help us navigate life’s ups and downs

💚 It’s a wonderful visual aid that can be referred back to when required

💚 It’s a fantastic communication tool building on everyone’s needs, emotional literacy, understanding and resilience

💚 Can be adapted to any age or setting … At Cups of Calm HQ we have all discussed our ‘Emotional Cups’ (Even FredBear !!) and have been known (on more than one occasion !) to announce “My emotional cup feels drained !” or “ I need to refill my cup !”

💚Cups or Little Bags of Calm available in my shop ~ please click on the link !

Watch the demonstration here ! ⬇️

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