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How to make a Social Story ..

🤍Who can relate to this ?

🤍 Social Stories were developed by Carol Gray and are a brilliant visual resource to support a child with social situations.

🤍 Social and emotional awareness is a taught skill and while it may seem obvious to some of us … many don’t find it simple at all for a wide range of reasons.

🤍Social stories spell it out in a clear and obvious format and give  children the scripts and skills to navigate situations that they find difficult or confusing.

🤍 It can range from something as basic as brushing teeth or bedtime … to eating at a restaurant, screen-time, when someone wants a hug, accepting a present, a school trip etc ! 🚌

🤍 Social Stories basically tell the story of what is happening, labels people’s feelings or needs, and offers the guidance and skills to equip children for when these situations arise.

🤍 It takes away the confusion and replaces with understanding and awareness.

Social Stories Do’s ;

✔️ Keep them at an appropriate length and vocabulary to match your child’s age and understanding.

✔️ The sentences should be describing what happens.

✔️ Keep the sentences non-directive eg “ I will try to….” rather than “I will …”

✔️ Include pictures or photos

✔️ Include your child in the process and solutions

✔️Keep the story specific and personalised to your child’s needs and situation.

✔️ Talk through with your child at a calm, quiet time before emotions are already running high

✔️ Explain the story is there to help. Keep the narrative calm and compassionate.

✔️Keep it displayed , refer to as often as needed then gradually phase out .

Social Stories Dont’s ;

❌ Social stories should never make anyone feel shamed, threatened or bullied about their behaviour.

❌ Never use in the middle of a meltdown !

❌ Don’t waffle on !! ( says me !😂) Aim to keep the information clear and concise avoid information overload.

Here's some more examples ...

Feel free to use as templates to suit your own

circumstances and following the Do's and Dont's above ...

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