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A guide for adults using A Cup of Calm

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

♥ Choose a quiet, calm time when you have a few minutes to read through a few of the sticks, while using the cup for your favourite drink

♥ Give each stick some genuine thought, consideration and reflection.

♥ Some sticks may not seem relevant or do-able... and that’s absolutely fine. Just take what you need or what works for you at this moment. You may find you come back to some another time and give them a try.

♥ Think about times when the advice would be relevant and make a conscious decision to try that advice when the time comes.

♥ Consider displaying sticks that really resonate with you in prominent areas around the house or workplace as a comforting reminder or mantra for when you really need it e:g By the kettle, on mirrors around the house, in the staffroom, on the front door, fridge door, your laptop, your desk, in your purse, wallet, make-up bag, phone case, etc.

♥ Be kind to yourself ! Change is not always easy, and requires time, practice and effort before it begins to feel natural. It can also be very hard to adapt our approach and outlook if it’s different to how we were raised.

♥ Remind yourself that no one is perfect, no one reacts as they should all the time... but the fact that we are trying and addressing our struggles is most certainly a brilliantly positive step. One stick at a time!

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